Alert Systems Inc. (ASI) has developed an economic, effective and efficient emergency
broadcast technology that enables a more rapid response and mobilization from the
public safety community while instantaneously
delivering notification to the populations
that they serve.

ASI’s Emergency Management Alert (EMAlert) system specifically targets those in need
of notification in a time of local, regional, national, or international crisis.  The technology
broadcasts Emergency Notification immediately and simultaneously to anyone, anywhere,
without the need of large databases or breaching personal confidentiality.  EMAlert will:

  • Deliver warnings or notification to at least 85% of the endangered or affected
    population, within 90 seconds, under all circumstances, at all times of the day or
    night, regardless of location or individual disabilities.

  • Perform all public warnings, external resource mobilization, and local inter-agency
    notification activities in less than 2 minutes.

The EMAlert technology combines digital communications and Internet based computing
with the cellular telephone network infrastructure.  
Not to be confused with "datacasting",
which simply encapsulates Internet Protocol over various channels, EMAlert is a true
broadcast notification system requiring no unnecessary overhead, databases or
bandwidth requirements. This approach improves Public Warning, Notification
Mobilization through immediate and simultaneous communications to those in need.
Public safety responders also are informed as to who was notified so that they can
mobilize emergency support and resources anywhere, anytime.  The network capability
of EMAlert can also be used in mutual aid efforts.  

EMAlert, Public Safety officials can enhance the logistics efforts by bringing in
resources from other cities, counties, states or countries in times of major threats from
terrorism, nuclear “accidents”, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and toxic spills.

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