MADISON, WI. – January 20, 2005 - Alert Systems Inc. today announced that Dr. Alan
Pearce, former Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission, and a
seasoned public policy veteran, has joined the company as Director, Communications
Policy and Regulatory Affairs.

Dr. Pearce has more then 35 years experience in Washington DC, both as an insider with
over 9 years experience as the FCC’s Chief Economist, and then serving in the same
capacity with the House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Telecommunications.   He
also served as senior policy advisor for the Telecommunications-Information-
Entertainment Industry in the Executive Office of the President.

While at the FCC, Dr. Pearce was the Chairman’s Representative on the Spectrum
Management Task Force and, in that capacity, dealt with the National Emergency
Communications system.  During his tenure on Capitol Hill, he organized hearings for the
United States House of Representatives on Early Warnings and the Emergency
Broadcast System.

Upon leaving government, Dr. Pearce founded Information Age Economics, a
Washington, DC-based research and consulting company.  He has represented a wide
variety of the nation’s and the world’s leading telecommunications-information-
entertainment industry companies.

Recently he played a major role in getting the Cingular acquisition of AT&T approved by
the FCC and the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Dr. Pearce is regarded as one of the
country’s leading experts on how US government regulatory policy affects or enables
business opportunities.

“In the rapidly changing world of Emergency Warning and Public Communications, Dr.
Pearce will provide excellent counsel and guidance to our development process as well
as our stakeholders and partners,” said Jeff Slivocka President and CEO.  “Dr. Pearce’s
knowledge of the realities of Public Safety and Emergency Communications will ensure
that our mission is delivered.”

Alan Pearce, PhD
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