FlashCast provides exclusive on-demand programs for marketers and their audience.
Programs are  targeted by geography , campaign objectives and customer demand. With
FlashCast, information distribution to wider audiences is effective, efficient and highly

FlashCast allows people to choose only the information they care to receive based on the
profiles they set. Each person can select, not only from whom they wish to receive
information, but also which type of information is relevant to them.

FlashCast is the evolution of permission based marketing. With FlashCast, marketers and
their audiences communicate in a conflict free environment to the benefit of each other.
FlashCast is a next generation broadcast system. FlashCast marketers are free to use
multiple methods of communications to connect with their audiences. Energized multimedia
campaigns coupled with an digital broadcast capability, delivers the message to the right
person ,in the right place, at the right time, in order to make the right decision.

When time to market is key FlashCast is the solution.

For those who have no time to shop, FlashCast is the answer.

Taking location and services to the next level!

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