The EMALERT System
The EMAlert System, developed by Alert Systems Inc., is a simple but highly effective
emergency warning and management tool focused on the needs of local public safety officials
and their communities.  ASI engineers have incorporated advanced computing and
telecommunications platforms with patented EMAlert technology to create a modern public
safety information and communications network.

The EMAlert System consists of two parts: a GIS mapping and command center software used
by an Emergency Manager or Public Safety Official coupled with a geo-specific last mile
messaging connectivity that does not rely on the use of a database. Using EMAlert, public
safety officials can broadcast simultaneous strategic public safety messages to any audience
of any size within a chosen geographic area or by function, unit or rank. EMAlert relies upon
existing cellular broadcasting and radio paging communications infrastructure to provide
robustness and lever the omnipresence of cellular telephones and related wireless devices.

EMAlert targets the early warning only to those who are immediately affected and should
be moved to safety, thus resulting in saved lives while reducing unnecessary fear and alarm.
By using digital broadcasting communications method, notification is immediate and
simultaneous so that everyone receives it.    Emergency Managers need only identify what
the message is and where it needs to go, EMAlert then gets the job done.  In sum:

  • EMAlert gets the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time in
    order to make the right decision (5Rs)!

  • EMAlert accomplishes the 5Rs using cellular handsets, R5 ‘smart’ receivers, the Internet,
    national broadcasters, digital and satellite radio.

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