EMAlert for Enterprise
The emergence of today’s corporate network from a source of connectivity into an
integral part of the business computing fabric has made communication management
solutions an imperative for the enterprise network.  The addition of communication
applications over a variety of platforms and communications infrastructures with global
reach mean that organizations of all types need to better manage their internal and
external communications.  Applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), email, short
messaging service, text to voice and digital television/radio and varying degrees of
integration of these different methods demands a better communications management

EMAlert enables organizations to communicate with people in a security-enhanced,
enterprise-grade, real-time, communications environment.  The EMAlert Communications
Server provides location awareness to eliminate delays in communicating with co-workers,
business partners and customers.  ASI’s Communications Management Solution (EMAlert)
is a compilation of various modules integrated to meet specific customer requirements.  
EMAlert modular design allows customers to tailor their requirements to specific network
infrastructure and business needs.   EMAlert delivers cost, convenience and control to
business that employs communications technology on virtually any scale.

EMAlert is fundamental to the operational effectiveness of a communications
infrastructure.  Several factors affect network performance, operation, availability and
accounting.   With EMAlert these network issues are addressed effectively by providing
real-time performance reporting, information and system status knowledge.  

Every network resource provides some type of service, otherwise, the resource is
valueless.  EMAlert harmonizes the service relationships among network components and
people that add value to the enterprise.

EMAlert for Enterprise focuses on the following key aspects of Communications


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  • Message Coordination
  • Compliance with Regulatory and
    Internal Controls
  • Performance Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Subscriber License Management
  • Communication Links and Receiver
    Element Provisioning
  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Audit & Accounting