A train derails half a mile away…
Late one night a rail car carrying lethal chlorine gas derails near your home. Unknown to
you, a poisonous chemical cloud begins to spread across your neighborhood.  It will
spread almost three miles before dispersing to non-harmful levels. You need to know  that
once it reaches your home, it will make you ill and could kill you or your family.
minutes of learning about the derailment, public safety personnel such as emergency
management, police, fire, public health, public works and HAZMAT teams know there’s
chlorine.  They immediately decide to evacuate your neighborhood.  But how will they
reach you in time?

An escaped prisoner invades your neighborhood…
When a dangerous prisoner escapes late at night and is believed to be in your
neighborhood, how do police get a message to you to carefully secure your home?  

A dangerous weather pattern is approaching…  
How quickly will you learn of this  fast approaching weather pattern?  Will the sky inform
 Will there  be an electricity outage or other loss of another vital public service that
could have profound effects  on your elderly or disabled neighbors?  

Terrorism occurs somewhere in your city...
How quickly can public officials in your town effectively push vital, "actionable" information
into the hands of people and organizations that imminently need it?
 How will you and your
family be affected, even though you’re miles away?
 Will you know if the school buses are
running on time?

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