EMAlert uses digital broadcasting as its last mile communications method.  Notification
is immediate and simultaneous and everyone receives it.    Emergency Managers need
only identify what the message is and where it is needed and EMAlert gets the job done.

EMAlert takes first advantage of the global cellular network and the geographic
positioning system.  The proven broadcast technology employed by EMAlert,
broadcasts messages over any digital communications means to anyone, to anywhere.

EMAlert gets the message where it should using everyday cellular handsets, R5 ‘Smart’
receivers and all of the partners in Public Emergency Warning including the
broadcasters, existing sirens, the Internet and satellite radio.


It a time of crisis EMAlert subscribers are notified immediately via text message on their
handsets.  EMAlert provides, in some cases, a special ring-tone that identifies that it is
an Emergency Warning.  With more current cell phones EMAlert will geographically
target exactly where the message is to be received.


The R5 is a fixed device placed in a home or business.  Similar to a set back thermostat
it is always on and always ready.  It receives EMAlert messages and displays them in
text with light and/or audible format aids for ADA compliance.  In time of need, the R5
alarms just like a smoke detector and notifies you when there is an emergency.  People
read the message and follow instruction to stay safe.  In the case of an evacuation
order, the R5 can travel with you and update you on the crisis or when to return.  It may
also advise as to which routes are the best to take.  The R5 always knows where it is
and with its 3 month long life battery it is a constant companion and source of comfort
throughout any emergency.


Where needed, EMAlert and the R5 ‘Smart’ receivers can activate existing sirens.   The
R5 can be located in industrial settings and trigger strobe lights, sirens, bells or other
warning systems.   The R5 can even send the right signals to private and amateur
radio operators.  EMAlert and the R5 work together to take advantage of every
possible communication means.


EMAlert works with your satellite radio service.  No matter where you live or even if you
have Cellphone coverage, EMAlert will work for you.  The EMAlert message can be
delivered to your satellite radio or the R5 receiver even when you are on the go.  You
will never miss the most important message you may ever get.  This is the one
message that could possibly save your life.


EMAlert transmits a digital signal in the form of Internet type packets.  Any Internet
connected device can receive an EMAlert warning.  Anyone can subscribe to the
EMAlert system.

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