In today's ever-changing world, it is not enough to have a smoke alarm and a security system in one's home.  Danger can come from a variety of sources immediately and without warning.  The tsunami of 2004 proved how quickly Mother Nature could disrupt so many lives in such a short time.  One thing we all learned from that event was that if there had been a way to sufficiently warn those in immediate danger, thousands of lives would have been saved.  EMAlert is a Public Warning system that would have done just that.

In early 2005, a train derailed in North Carolina spilling a gaseous cloud of toxic chlorine.  Ten people died because they could not be sufficiently warned with existing systems.  Many other such stories are commonplace.  In the US alone, hundreds of lives and billions of dollars are lost annually to natural and manmade disasters.  Much of which could be mitigated with a proper Emergency Warning and Mobilization system.  EMAlert and the R5 "Smart" receivers are such a system.  For less that the price of a sophisticated Carbon Monoxide detector and home security system, you could provide year round safety for your family, your business and those you care most about.   

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