Alert Systems Inc. provides people with the information they need.  ASI gets the right
message, to right person, in the right location, at the right time, to take the action.   ASI
is in the business of saving lives and mobilizing the right resources to take corrective

ASI applies modern technology to warn people and mobilize first responders.  Our
Emergency Management Alert (EMAlert) system specifically targets those in need of
warning or notification in a time of crisis.  EMAlert can broadcast Emergency Notification
to anyone, anywhere without the need of large databases or personal information
confidently and with assured reach.

ASI is providing a proven value-added solution by incorporating modern digital
communications and Internet based computing with the cellular telephone network
infrastructure.  This approach improves the Public Warning and Mobilization
requirements by providing a system, which is immediate and simultaneous to those in
need and provides assured reach to those that may need to respond.

EMAlert is a powerful mobilization tool.  The system is capable of mobilizing emergency
support people and resources anywhere and anytime.  Furthermore the network
capability of EMAlert can also be used to enhance mutual aid efforts.  Resources can
be brought to bear from other cities, counties, states or countries in times of greatest
need.  EMAlert directs information by a combination of affinity group and geographic

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