Mark Wood is the Director, Public Communications Systems.  Mr. Wood has more
than 25 years experience in Emergency Communications and Mobile Networks. He is a
Technical Advisor to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian
Affairs, (UNOCHA) and was the UNOCHA Telecommunications Coordination Officer
during the 2003 Iraq earthquake relief effort.  Mr. Wood is currently a technical Advisor
to the United Kingdom Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (WGET).   

Mr. Wood is also a contributor to the International Red Cross with respect to critical
telecommunications infrastructure during disasters.  While residing in the United States
of America, he was a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Teams in the
San Francisco Bay and Dallas regions.

As a result of his work leading toward the adoption of the Tempere Convention on
Emergency Telecommunications, Mr. Wood received the Diplome de Reconnaissance
from the Secretary General of the United Nations' International Telecommunications

Mark Wood
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